Ongoing Mapping at Latymer Projects, 24 Mar 2011

Over the course of 6 weeks, Latymer Projects welcomes participants to collaboratively create a map, concerned with the historical and contemporary experiences of life in the local area.

Using a variety of collective and alternative methods, including discussions, walks and presentations the Latymer Mapping Project group sessions will work towards the production of a map, exploring the tensions between unofficial histories, contemporary contexts and official representations.

Some of the things we are interested to map are personal and collective notions of community; the various radical histories of the area – from the Notting Hill riots to the resident-led independent state of Frestonia; and the negotiations that take place between authorities and those living at the centre of major urban developments.

The sessions will take place every Saturday at 2-4pm at

Latymer Projects,
154 Freston Road,
London W10 6TR

The Latymer Mapping Project started on 17th March and continues for seven weeks. There is no commitment to the full seven weeks of the project and we welcome participants to join at any stage. If you would like to be involved please contact us at info@groupwork.org


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