Mapping Project Calendar

Over the course of the 7 weeks we will be producing a variety of maps with the intention of creating a new map for the local area by the end of the project. Each week we will be joined by artists, cultural geographers and researchers and we will take up an area of interest or ‘theme’ which will inform our mapping process which we will continue to do throughout the whole project.

Week 1: Introduction to community map making
Saturday 17th March – 2pm – 4pm

– a social history of map making in North Kensington
– establishing community and mapping boundaries
– hands on map-making

Week 2: Regeneration, communities and myth-making
Saturday 24th March – 2pm – 4pm

– alternative approaches to regeneration
– myth-making and urban planning
– what does community mean and how to incorporate this into maps

Week 3: Performing the city: psychogeography and experience
Saturday 31st March – 2pm – 4pm

– a visual and audio tour of the concept/method of the derive (drift), psychogeography and walking/performing space
– mapping the emotional and social
– planning for a future walk that we will take together

Week 4: Taking the Map for a Walk
Saturday 7th April, 2pm – 4pm 

– emotional and affective mapping exercises walking in the immediate local area

Week 5: Unofficial and radical histories
Saturday 14th April, 2pm – 4.30pm

– a short history of and conversation around Frestonia and the Race Riots
– using mapping to make these types of knowledge visible
– screening short film about development of the Western Avenue Extension (the Westway)
– introduction to community activism for space under the Westway / mapping activity for possible uses today

Week 6: Digital and open-source mapping with Sandra Crisp
Saturday 21st April, 2pm – 4pm

– screening two short films about mapping in North Kensington
– working with digital maps such as Google map
– open source mapping methods and tools

Week 7: Completion of paper and digital community maps
Saturday 28th April – 2pm – 4pm

– Reviewing previous mapping activities, adding to these and making plans for future development

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